Saturday, November 29, 2014

playlists 11.10.14

mick with new trainee

mick's set

the graham bond organisation    oh baby

sensorium saxophone orchestra    cloud eleven

the cambodian space project    whiskey cambodia

cold specks   bodies at bay

porcupine tree    the blind house

cold specks (REQ)    let loose the dogs

the bad plus    epistolary echoes

arturo o'farrill    they came

chris farlowe    think

ruadhan's set

kid creole and the coconuts    darrio

 kasentz-katz singing orchestral circus    we can work it out

joey aria    hard day's night

claudia brucken    everybody says 'hi'

david bowie    yassassin

nihavet disco fasil    potpori

leonard cohen    diamonds in the mine

dexys    she got a wiggle

new model army    adrenalin

batfish boys    swamp liquor

Friday, November 21, 2014

playlist 11.3.14

the doors - horse latitudes
the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
albert ayler - ghosts
alice cooper - black juju
atomic rooster - all in satan's name
eugene chadbourne - how can you kill me?
i'm already dead!
mitch ryder and the detroit wheels -
devil with the blue dress on
audience - house on the hill
shockabilly - the secret of the cooler
shockabilly - pile up all architecture
shockabilly - born on the bayou
family (REQ) - take your partners
roxy music - in every dream home, a heartache
lydia lunch and retrovirus - i woke up dreaming
black sabbath - black sabbath
terry reid - bang bang
donovan - season of the witch
warren zevon - werewolves of london (LIVE)
traveling wilbury's - tweeter and the monkey man
sonny mack - it ain't what's in your pocket
naomi shelton and the gospel queens -
it's a cold cold world

Thursday, November 20, 2014

playlist 10.27.14


playlist database went down just after 9:00 pm

but it was all jack bruce

i could go on and on
explore jack bruce

playlist 10.20.14


Thank you to Sean Westergaard for setting it up.
Thank you to Reverend Andrew for engineering.
Thank you to Ben Miller for being our guest.

this is what you heard

erik truffaz - king b
king crimson - fracture
elliot sharp and carbon - sockets
m-3 - overboard
ben miller - improv 1 (LIVE in the studio)
ben miller - subliminal equations
ben miller - sound of color
ben miller - improv 2 (LIVE in the studio)
ben miller - dreams within dreams
ben miller - improv 3 (LIVE in the studio)
ben millers sensorium saxophone orchestra
- the question
-cloud eleven

his guitar
live in the WCBN studio
please check him out