Wednesday, October 24, 2012

playlist 10.22.12

no theme tonight...just good old fashioned wcbn freeform. 
some old some new, for me for you.

9:43 PM the crazy world of arthur brown prelude-nightmare / fanfare-fire poem / fire / come and buy / confusion the crazy world of arthur brown track
9:40 PM small faces son of a baker greatest hits immediate
9:38 PM fusion time of the ostrich head bordertown atco
9:28 PM alice cooper you drive me nervous killer wb
9:23 PM the wee-beasties lauren in a bathing suit / fleshlight 7" 33rpm kill-o-teen
9:21 PM butthole surfers track 3 symbol - side 2 hairway to steven touch and go
9:14 PM brave combo what do you want? / zombiefied 7" 33rpm ep kill-o-teen
9:12 PM tumbleweed your bill of rights 7" 45rpm psycho acoustic
8:57 PM ronald shannon jackson and the decoding society sortie eye on you about time
8:56 PM nick mason boo to you the fictitious sports columbia
8:48 PM bryan ferry help me 7" 45rpm (from the film THE FLY) wb
8:45 PM warren zevon jeannie needs a shooter stand in the fire asylum
8:41 PM elvis presley marie's the name (of his latest flame) 7" 45rpm rca
8:40 PM elvis costello psycho 7" 45rpm f beat
8:39 PM leon payne you stood me up this morning... 7" 45rpm starday
8:26 PM yusef lateef russel and elliot yusef lateef's
8:24 PM deon jackson you said you loved me golden classics collectables
8:19 PM oscar peterson tin tin deo easy walker prestige
8:14 PM king curtis soul twist golden goodies roulette
8:12 PM milt buckner milt's boogie green onions classic jazz
8:11 PM dave 'baby' cortez rinky dink golden goodies roulette
8:08 PM erik truffaz king b walk of the giant turtle blue note 

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