Sunday, January 20, 2013

playlist 1.14.13

Thank you to Serenity for sitting in on the show.
She is now an official WCBN deejay.
Check out her show - FREEFORM with Ren 
on Saturday's from 3am to 6 am only on...

i don't do facebook but you below

do you like the pixies / frank black?
here's some history

9:58 PM blues magoos there's a chance we can make it electric comic book mercury
9:56 PM the beatles tomorrow never knows revolver EMI Records
9:47 PM fred eaglesmith you're spookin' the horses lipstick, lies, and gasoline razor and tie
9:46 PM tom waits everything you can think alice anti-
9:45 PM terra a Agua electro coco dutch world 2005 radio netherlands music
9:26 PM cubanismo mulence malembe hannibal
9:25 PM blood meridian when tomorrow comes liquidate paris elevation recordings
9:20 PM cambodian space project i've met my love cambodian space project metal postcard
9:14 PM khan ly du muc vietnam collection
9:11 PM shonen knife a map master heavy songs confidential recordings
9:07 PM deerhoof +81 friend opportunity kill rock stars
9:06 PM andrew hill tired trade black fire blue note
8:51 PM dave douglas seventeen strange liberation bluebird
8:51 PM morphine potion like swimming rykodisc
8:50 PM susumu yokota king dragonfly grinning cat skintone
8:31 PM david bowie slow burn heathen rca
8:26 PM david bowie heroes heroes rca
8:21 PM frank black re-make re-model 93-03 s/r
8:21 PM frank black los angeles 93-03 s/r
8:10 PM zony mash + horns sex fiend live at the royal room s/r
8:08 PM erik truffaz king b walk of the giant turtle blue note

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