Wednesday, January 2, 2013


east asian music
every sunday from 2-3 pm
only on WCBN fm 88.3

2:55 PM akira ifukube more theme music godzilla 1954-1975
2:51 PM yoshinori sunahara clipper's discoteque break
2:48 PM orange range shanghai honey
2:43 PM takkyu ishing polynasia
2:40 PM love love straw hawaii
2:28 PM queen sea big shark hold the line look directly into the sun
2:25 PM jenka the day i became a bird
2:19 PM hang on the box shanghai look directly into the sun
2:17 PM the 5 6 7 8's bond girl can't help it
2:13 PM e. koestryara and group kapura baramaen sangkala
2:09 PM unknown female vocalist unknown LP from thailand
2:07 PM ja-pon featuring dj bass loop junktion
2:05 PM akira ifukube various selections godzilla theme music

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